How To Shell the Enemy in Scorched 3D

Scorched 3D is like a non-wormy version of Wormux. It’s easy to learn, features sweet graphics, involves blowing the trash out of your friends, and comes with everything you need to get started.

Scorched is a real-time strategy game that revolves around artillery duels between players. You’ll need fine-grained timing, good reflexes, and some strategic sense to win.

Maps are generated randomly or loaded from player-made scenarios. Be prepared for anything.

Installation is easy as apt-get pie:

1. Install: sudo apt-get install scorched3d

2. Play it through your system menu.

Scorched makes an awesome party game, but I don’t think I’ll be losing any weekends to it just because it’s not as deep as certain other strategy games. And by that I mean FreeCiv.

A nice lob, excellent trajectory.


Q: After I try to set my game to full screen at a high resolution the game won’t start.

A: Number one, delete ~/.scorched3d/display.xml to get it to start: rm -f ~/.scorched3d/display.xml

Number two, try using some different graphics settings– perhaps you could stomach running it in windowed mode?

Q: Some of the textures  in the game are screwed up. I’m using an ATI graphics card and using the Radeon drivers.

A: This is why hardcore Linux gamers prefer Nvidia. However, ATI’s drivers are greatly improved these days; and now that ATI has open sourced their drivers they’re bound to get even better.

Anyway, to solve your problem try running the game in safe mode and disabling all the graphics features, then enable them one-by-one until you find out what the trouble is (it’s probably anti-aliasing). Also, try disabling the Catalyst A.I. in the Radeon Catalyst drivers.


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