How To Sail the Coldest Sea In Vega Strike

Getting tired of shooters, strategy, and casual games? Try Vega Strike.

Vega Strike is a 3D space  sandbox for you to play in, there’s no strict storyline, not requirement to do this or that. Just fly around, explore, blow up aliens, trade peacefully as a merchant all in the beautiful vastness of space. Many different space craft and races are available to choose from. Be careful about picking your race though: some spacecraft are only available to members of a certain race.

Everything is first person too, so  you can actually explore as a person, not just as a space ship. Other games are similar to Vega Strike (like EVE Online) but none of them feature the same combination of first person exploration, breadth of game play possibilities, or depth of game mechanics. Also, the others aren’t free.

Installing Vega Strike can get tricky, depending on what distro  you’re running, but Ubuntu keeps things simple:

1. Whip out our trusty apt-get: sudo apt-get install vegastrike vegastrike-data vegastrike-music

2. Play the game through your system menu.

If you’re not running Ubuntu installation is still fairly easy:

1. Download the installer  here. And extract it.

2. Execute the *.sh file in a terminal: ./

3. Enter this directory to locate the files: ~/vegastrike

4. Make symlinks to the binaries. If you do not have a location for binaries in your $PATH, uncheck the “install symlinks to binaries” option, then note that the symlink is to the binary in vegastrike/bin/

The third alternative is to compile and install Vega Strike straight from source. That stuff gets complicated, but if you’re a real he-man and bent on doing things the hard way (or if you just couldn’t get the binary installers to work) then check out these instructions.

Vega strike is as fun as it looks.


Q: I can’t get the file to execute, it keeps saying access denied.

A: Use chmod to give it execute permissions: chmod ugo+xxx

Q: My audio is skipping and/or crashing on Ubuntu.

A: Pulse Audio is one of those things that sounds good on paper, but just ruins things in practice. Try uninstalling it: sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio

Q: My ship keeps nosing down (or in some other direction).

A: Unplug your joystick. Even though your ‘stick seems perfectly neutral joysticks always have some amount of tilt to them because they’re analog devices. You might also try disabling joystick input in Vega Strike. If your ‘stick isn’t the problem then try disabling any other input devices (i.e. accelerometers in your laptop).


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