How To Love Free Top-Down Shooters: Chromium

Top-down shooters are the famous pillars of arcades everywhere. They’re just so difficult to beat, so easy to code, and so easy to play that they remain some of the most popular to this day (right under RPGs).

Made by Mark B. Allan, Chromium B.S.U. is a great looking, great playing little shooter that exemplifies what a man in his garage can do with a little time. Like every other top-down shooter it’s fast-paced, so it’s not something to relax with.

Several weapon and shield upgrades are available in-game to give you that extra little boost you need to whip the boss or the next swarm of baddies. The game is written for OpenGL, so you’ll need your graphics card drivers installed to play the game. Installation is a breeze on Ubuntu:

1. Install with the usual apt-get: sudo apt-get install chromium

2. Play the game through your system menu.

If you aren’t on Ubuntu then you’ll need to install it another way:

1. Download both the source and data packages: chromium-src-0.9.12.tar.gz, chromium-data-0.9.12.tar.gz, and put them someplace handy (i.e. the desktop).

2. Untar the data and program files: tar -zxvf ~/Desktop/chromium*.tar.gz

3. Set CHROMIUM_DATA environment variable to point to data directory ( i.e. Chromium-0.9/data ): CHROMIUM_DATA=/home/YOUR_USERNAME/Chromium-0.9/data

4. Build the source (‘./configure; make’ should do everything required): ./configure; make

5. Play the game

Games like Chromium are so easy to install on Linux that I’m amazed people even try to get Valve’s Steam client to work in WINE.

Pew pew!


Q: I installed it just fine. But the game runs like a slow flip-book.

A: You didn’t install the drivers for your graphics card. This game requires hardware acceleration- MesaGL and other software libraries just aren’t good enough. Look into this Ubuntu Wiki entry to get your hardware up and running.


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