How To Join in Mass Murder With Wormux

Worms came out in 1994 and introduced 2D strategy, deformable landscapes, and zany weaponry to the gaming hordes. Wasn’t it just so cool to command a team of earth worms bent on raising cane and destruction?

Now you can get the same experience for free with Wormux. It’s all open source and GPL’d so you won’t pay a dime; and it runs on every platform.

Instead of earthworms Wormux gives you control of the mascots of well-known open source projects: take control of a squad of Konqis and wipe out those pestilent Wilburs!

Installing Wormux can be so easy- the usual apt-get. But we’ll use a little more interesting route this time so that we install and update with the latest version:

1. Add the wormux repository to your system repo list: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wormux/ppa
Now update your system to be sure all your packages are compatible: sudo apt-get update
Install the very latest wormux: sudo apt-get install wormux

The advantage of adding Wormux to the system repo list is that now you’re getting the very latest version of Wormux rather than the somewhat older version that the distro provides. Wormux is still under very active development, so new features, bugs, and bug-fixes are being added every day.

Look at all those cutesie lil' killers.


Q: Is there some quick-start guide on how to play?

A: There is such a guide. Check it out here.

Q: How come, after I installed, I have the old 0.8.5 version of Wormux?

A: You didn’t add the Wormux repo to your repo list. It’s important to do so because some distros, notably Debian and Ubuntu, don’t keep their packages  completely up to date. Others, like Arch and Fedora, are more up to date, but they’re still behind the Wormux devs. Keep your installation of Wormux up to date by getting it directly from the Wormux repos. To fix your problem uninstall Wormux using sudo apt-get remove wormux and then follow the instructions above.


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