How To Conquer With FreeCiv

Sid Meier, a genius of strategy game design, made Civilization back in 1991. The series is excellent and flourishes to this day.

Free Civ is a clone of Sid Meier’s excellent work. It looks like, and plays like, Civilization 2. Free Civ is a turn-based strategy game, but unlike Battle for Wesnoth it is more deterministic and involves empire building.

With deep game play, multi-player support, and classic strategy elements Free Civ will keep you entertained for many moons. Installation is pretty standard:

1. Install the client/server packages and the sound packages: sudo apt-get install freeciv-client-gtk freeciv-sound

2. Play it through your system menu.

I run mine full screen. FreeCiv campaigns tend to look like alike, and there’s no visible action most of the time. It’s one of those things that you need to play to understand. You can’t just see what’s happening in a single screen shot, you need to see the full history of the moves the players have been making. Kind of like chess.

Sweet turn-based strategy. Yes. Oh yes.


Q: Nothing’s broken, I just have some questions about the game. Where can I go for answers?

A: There’s an awesome FAQ on the the FreeCiv site here.

Q: I have a ton of saves, but the game doesn’t give me a way to delete them. Is it even possible?

A: Ah, that’s what file browsers are for. You’ll find the game saves in “/home/YOUR_USERNAME/.freeciv/save”. The quickest way to delete all the saves is to run a delete command through a terminal. Try something like: rm ~/.freeciv/save/* If you just want to delete a specific series of saves then you might try getting fancy. Let’s say you’ve named all your saves for a particular campaign with a prefix like “myCampaign_” and then added a three digit number to the end for each save. Now, if you no longer need those saves you can delete all the ones for that campaign with: rm ~/.freeciv/save/myCampaign* and all the other saves will be untouched.


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