How To Explore Walls and Ceilings with Tremulous

Tremulous is a first-person shooter that started out as a Quake 3 mod. It features deeply team focused game play that most other shooters don’t have.

The game boils down to a fight between Humans and Aliens. Each team gets to build up its own fortress and the players pick their “kit” which determines what abilities they can use for their team. Unlike other team based shooters Tremulous only allows a certain number of each kind of kit. Not everybody gets to be a hulking Alien Tyrant or wear an awesome Battlesuit. But everyone can fill a role and every role is vital. It’s about the team, not about how many frags you can personally score.

Besides some kits are freakin’ sweet: the Alien Dretch can walk on walls and ceilings for example. What other video game will let you do that?

Perhaps the best thing about Tremulous is that it’s still under very active development.

Anyway, you’re probably more interested in how you can install and run it on Linux aren’t you?

1. As usual, if you’re running Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install tremulous will do the trick for you.

2. The download might take some time, so read through the Tremulous manual here.

3. After apt-get is finished just play the game via the system menu: “Applications” >> “Games” >> “Tremulous”

Gosh I love the Quake 3 engine. So many good things came from id’s decision to open source it.

Laser beams and aliens. This must be an awesome game!


Q: But what if I’m not running Ubuntu? Can I still play Tremulous?

A: Most of these games will also run on other distros- Ubuntu is just the easiest to support since it’s the de facto standard desktop distro. Assuming that you’ve got all the required libraries installed, and hardware 3D acceleration enabled, you can pick up the Tremulous installer here. You’ll need to give the file permission to execute of course: chmod ugo+xxx

Q: Can I make maps and mods for Tremulous?

A: Why, yes. In fact it’s easy to get started; there’s a thread in the Tremulous forums right here that has your name on it.


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