How To Get Even More Old-school With NES Games

Like ZSNES, FCE Ultra is an emulator. Unlike ZSNES, FCE Ultra emulates ROMs for the Famicom (the Nintendo Entertainment System). You know, the one with Mario and Duck Hunt.

Lots of NES emulators exist, but GFCE Ultra has a nice GUI for GNOME and installs neatly on Ubuntu.

Installing it is a snap:

1. Use Synaptic and search for a package named “GFCE Ultra” or try: sudo apt-get install gfceultra

2. Run it from “Applications” >> “Games” in your system menu.

Easy right? And people say gaming under Linux is tedious- they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Now remember, the legality of Emulators is somewhat fuzzy. The legality of ROMs is even more so. I’ll provide you with a screen shot gleaned from the ‘net (even though I actually own the cartridge for the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy on the NES) just to whet your apatite for some old-school goodness.

Ninja Gaiden. Always known for its schweeet cutscenes.


Q: I thought ROMs were illegal?

A: I’ll refer you to the Q&A in the ZSNES article.


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