How To Revive an Ancient Engine with Nexuiz

Back in the days of stone and flint Quake came out and blew us all away with how gorgeous it was. Then, in 1999, the source code of Quake was released under the GNU GPL.

It wasn’t long before the open source community had modified it almost beyond recognition. Nexuiz is one shining example of what talented programmers can do when working together on the same source code rather than alone.

Before going further I recommend that you take a minute and check out these videos of the original Quake so that you fully appreciate the changes that Nexuiz has brought to the venerable old Quake engine. Remember that these were jaw-dropping graphics for 1996 when Quake came out.

Now, using a highly modified version of the same engine, check out these videos of Nexuiz.

Do you want to get your sweaty fingertips on it? It’s easy:

1. Install it through your package manager: sudo apt-get install nexuiz

2. Go to  your system menu: “Applications” >> “Games” >> “Nexuiz”


1. Simply download the .zip file from Alientrap’s download page

2. “cd” into the directory that you saved it to and extract the .zip file by using the “unzip” command: unzip ./nexuiz*.zip

3. Run the executable.

Goodness, Gracious! Lookit dem graphics!

Get a load of those real-time shadows and dynamic lighting!


Just about anything you can think of, certainly everything I could think of, is already answered here on the Nexuiz site. But, really, you won’t need to because I had zero problems running Nexuiz on my Xubuntu 9.10, Fedora 9, and Arch boxes.


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