How To Roll With Neverball

Neverball is a free tilt n’ roll game where the objective is to roll a ball into a goal by tilting the “floor” of the level. Balls always roll downhill, right? So pay very close attention to the way the floor is shaped!

If  you ever played Super Monkey Ball on the Game Cube, Wii, DS, or PS2 then you should be familiar with tilt n’ roll video games. While they are skull-crushingly difficult and frustrating at times that’s part of the game. Neverball offers several difficulty modes- I recommend playing on the “Easy” difficulty because the controls and inertia will be frustrating until you fall into the zen of game play.

You’ll need a mouse and hardware accelerated 3D in order to play. Aside from that Neverball, like Adanaxis, is another fantastic game with extremely easy installation:

1. Open up a terminal and use the usual sudo/apt-get combo to install the game: sudo apt-get install neverball neverball-common neverball-data

2. Go into the “Games” section of your system menu and run Neverball.

See how fun and easy Linux gaming is?

Neverball lvl 6

Q & A:

Q: This game is so frustrating because I just spend all my time fighting inertia and bouncing all over the place. How do you do it?

A: You must be one of those impatient souls who slams the mouse around and puts maximum tilt on the floor. I suggest that you learn to moderate your mouse movements. Bumping into walls in the game will just ricochet the ball away. So try to just keep thing smooth and under control. Don’t worry about the time on the clock- you’ve got plenty- just take your time and maintain control.


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