How To Enjoy Intense Action with Quake Live

Unlike the other games discussed so far Quake Live runs in your browser and keeps track of your account and stats online. Indeed, you might consider Quake Live to be the herald of cloud computing video games.

Quake Live is the latest incarnation of Quake III Arena, an insane multi-player first person shooter slugfest. It features everything the old Quake III Arena had plus some graphical updates, new maps, and slightly modified weapons. If you loved good ‘ole Q3 back in the day you’ll fall in love with Quake Live guaranteed.

To get it running you’ll need a web browser (i.e. Firefox) and Sun’s Java installed on your system. Oh, and you’ll need 3D hardware acceleration, of course.

How To Install Quake Live:

1. Go to the Quake Live website:

2. Now make an account, if you don’t already have one. Just hit “Register” up near the top middle of the page.

3. After making an account you’ll be able to download and install the Quake Live plugin that will enable the game to play in your browser.

4. After that you’re good to go. Play the game and have fun being fragged until your eyes turn to mush and drip out of your skull.

Brings Back the Memories Don't It?

Brings Back the Memories Don't It?


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