How To Zone out with Adanaxis

Unlike any other flight-sim/shooter Adanaxis involves a fourth dimension on top of the usual three dimensions of space. You’ll need to navigate through space, literally, and also keep yourself “in phase” with your targets in order to shoot them down. Your targets are funky, psychedelic space ships which weave through space and phase in and out as they lob shots at you and dodge yours.

The concept of a fourth dimension is difficult to picture in your mind, and the controls take some getting used to only because you’ve never needed to control how in-phase you are relative to your target. Never fear, there is a very good tutorial sequence at the beginning of the game and the difficulty can be set low. The game also starts off easy and ramps up in difficulty.

Adanaxis features such soothing music that I set the game difficulty to low and just chill out when I play- great stress relief.

Anyway, if you’re on Ubuntu 9.10 installing Adanaxis is a snap:

To Install:

1. sudo apt-get adanaxisgpl adanaxisgpl-data

2. Go to “Applications” >> “Games” >> “Adanaxis” to play.

You can also install the game through a graphical package manager- just do a search for “adanaxis.”

Adanaxis supports just about any screen resolution you can throw at it (including my own 1920×1200) and doesn’t require much in the way of hardware. I beg of you to try this unique and soothing space shooter. If you love it then buy the commercial version for about $19.00 and you’ll get some extra content (graphics, audio etc.).

I put it in windowed mode to take a screen shot

I put it in windowed mode to take a screen shot

Those ghostly pinkish shapes you see with the circle icons on them are targets. You can’t hear it from the screen shot, but the music is pure bliss. Also, check out these links: Official Site, Gameplay Video, Wiki.


Q: I can’t figure out how to move around. And the mouse is stupidly slow. How do I fix this?

A: Hit “Escape” on your keyboard and go to “Controls” >> “Keys” and set up your keybindings there. By default WASD is bound to movement while the mouse is bound to looking around. As for your mouse being slow go to “Controls” >> “Mouse” and use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to turn up your sensitivity to something like “2.0”.

Q: What’s the little circle thing with the red, green, and blue dots?

A: If you payed attention during the tutorial level of the game you’d know that it’s the targeting reticule. The red and green dots correspond to how close you are along the X and Y axes.  When they both line up at the top of the circle then you’re looking dead at your target. Now just hold the right mouse button and drag your mouse left and right to get the blue dot to line up. The blue dot represents the fourth axis or how “in-phase” you are with your target. You have to be in the same phase as your target to hit it. Another way to get feedback is to pay attention to the little “X” crosshairs: they’ll change from yellow to blue to red as your target gets closer and closer to taking damage from your guns.

Q: I’m a little way into the game and some little icons dropped from a ship I killed. What are they and what do they do?

A: Those are power-ups/weapons. You can switch between weapons using, by default, your mouse wheel. But be miserly- the pick-ups have limited ammo!


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